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“Welcome to Afarmers AgriTech Hub, the premier community uniting farmers throughout the African continent. Established by a fellow farmer, our mission is to elevate the lives of every African farmer and bolster food security across the region. Through cutting-edge climate smart agricultural training methodologies, we empower farmers, impart valuable insights, and cultivate sustainable growth strategies.

Our inclusive network comprises smallholder farmers, professionals from diverse sectors, including private enterprises, public organizations, and farmer-led institutions. Engage with our vibrant online platform and participate in our hands-on, farmer-centric initiatives to become part of a thriving community dedicated to agricultural excellence.”

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What do we do?

Our Vision, Mission and Goal

  • Our Vision:  To Improve every African farmer livelihood and contribute to food security all over Africa.
  • Our Mission: To use innovative training models to empower farmers by helping them adopt Climate Smart Agriculture.
  • Our Goal : To bring the African Farmers together to amplify the voice of the farmer. Highlighted by our works, mission, and vision, AFarmers is a gem to dig for.

“A Multi-Award winning farmer, Climate Smart Agriculture expert, and mentor. Noah leads the Africa Farmers Club community. With over 20 years hands-on experience in both in Tech and farming, Noah Bring vast expertise to help transform African Farmers into AgriPreneurs”

Mr Noah Nasiali Kadima

Founder & CEO

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