AFarmers is the home of Africa Farmers Club which is a community of farmers across Africa. Tethered on the firm believe that an informed farmer will always make the right decision which have ripple effect in the whole value chain, the community aims to plan and support initiatives which promote farmer entrepreneurship skills through knowledge growth. Our membership, across 18 African countries is composed of individuals drawn from private sector, public sector and farmer based institutions, brought together through our online platform activities, as well as our offline farmer focused activities. AFarmers promotes knowledge sharing amongst the value chain players for the benefit of all, but most importantly, the farmer.

Welcome To AFarmers


To bring the African Farmers together to amplify the voice of the farmer. Highlighted by our works, mission, and vision, AFFAC is a gem to dig for.


To grow the farmer’s knowledge on production journey and to equip the farmer with the ability to plan  towards profitability.


To transform African farmers from producers to Agri-Preneurs by use of  practical training methods and technology.