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Africa Farmers TV endeavors to share intriguing stories of farmers across Africa. Our team working with unblemished dedication is always here to share stories of African farmers.

Get To Know The Idea Behind AFarmers.

We aim to Transform an African Farmer from Producer to Agropreneur, hence attain Knowledge and  grow Profits.

What are some Questions and challenges that Africa farmers face? AFarmers media provides a platform for farmers to share with fellow farmers.

Regenerative Agriculture

What is Regenerative Agriculture? What experiences are there to share? Find out also from the video what farming practices help to rejuvenate the soil.

Money Beyond Honey

Learn about the do’s and don’ts in Bee Keeping.

Attain Knowledge and Grow profits.

Careers In Agriculture

What careers does Agriculture have to offer? What syllabus content is taught  in learning Institutions with regards to Agriculture  and What challenges do those who pursue an Agricultural career face? Find out these and more from the video.

Attain Maximum Crop yields.

Our Team discusses how Fruits and Vegetables  farming is giving other Agribusinesses a run for their money especially during this Covid-19 pandemic

Tomato Farming

Get to know and learn as farmers share their experiences in Tomato farming.

Diseases in Tomato Farming

Get to know some of  diseases affecting Tomato plants and how to curb them.