Life in the city has become very expensive compared to the days when everyone wanted to have a taste of the city where the sun rises but never sets. We all had the urge to leave the village at all costs for there was a certain pride in saying, “I stay in Nairobi”. It never mattered what part of Nairobi it was, what was key was the noun NAIROBI. Gone are these days.

Today the cost of living has risen to the point that a one thousand-shilling note can only last you for two days. Take for instance a person who has a family and must commute to work. How long do you think the money can last him? A day maybe. Okay two days at maximum. This is the reason behind heavily overloaded vehicles on our roads especially those coming from the countryside. We all must find means to survive, so most people pack whatever they can carry each time they make a visit to the rural areas. Make a point to visit the country bus station and you will get a clear picture of the changing era. Even chickens are not spared the agony of hours’ worth of travel.

There was a time we would beg our father to bring even a half suck of maize from Ushago which he would complain that all he wanted was a comfortable journey. A jacket, bottle of water and a newspaper was all he wanted to have with him. Today? We get a variety of goods each time he travels without even a request from us. Talk of maize, beans, kales, millet, milk even meat we get from the country side.

In short, the increasing cost of living has forced many to source food stuff from their farms back at home. An individual would prefer to bring maize and take to a posho mill which will be cheaper compared to buying flour or get cereals from back home and store. Other than sourcing from the countryside, woman have employed the little space available to plant greens enough to feed the family. This includes container farming. It’s all about wisdom and saving every coin you get. What is the point of leaving your farm bare just to go and buy groceries?

Vegetables in container farming

Therefore, farming is inevitable. Shut it out, run away from it but it will always catch up. If you can grow it, then why buy when you can save that coin?

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