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Free Farm Visits
Green House Farming Training
Capsicum Training for better Yields

Core Services

  • Our Services Free Farm Visits by AFFAC

    The media team of AFFAC together with their leader make visits to different farmers and farms telling the stories of the African farmer. This could be your chance to tell your success and failure stories and be someone’s role model. AFFAC has got you! It provides onsite trainings

  • Green House Farming Training

    In some areas green house farming is key for your success in farming. However, if you get it wrong, the losses and tears can be overwhelming. AFFAC has got you! It provides on site trainings on how to do green house farming for different crops using their model farm.

  • Capsicum Training for better Yields

    Using Noah’s farm in Kinanie, farmers from different parts of the country converged to have an on field training in capsicum farming. Valuable lessons were received right from seeds acquirement, nursery preparation to all the stages of plant growth