It’s a reprieve to both farmers and consumers after introduction of fresh box from Bosch home appliances which will help them in post-harvest management. Mwende a farmer based in Kenya explains how the refrigerator has helped her in storing her veges as she continues to look for market

solar powered fresh box

“Market keeps fluctuating and as you know veges are highly perishable thus they spoil after two days .In the past I have been incurring losses after harvesting my vegetables .When I learnt about the fresh box i now keep my produce fresh as i search for market”. Mwende narrates with broad smiles all over her face.

fresh veges after 8 days

According to Timothy Kathurima, a proud member of Africa farmers club based in Botswana argues that through the desire to increase the income of single mother’s initiative power in Botswana, he supplies high quality tomatoes on credit and through the help of the fresh box they are able to store their tomatoes until the stock lasts.

Mr Noah demonstrating how to use a fresh Box in Botswana

The area is known for high temperature which accelerates food rotting especially for farm produce. In his view Mr. Noah Nasiali who toured farmers in Botswana explains how the Bosch home appliances only uses one and half liters of water daily and can store product for 8 days.

A fresh box in use

If a farmer can keep her veges and fruits for longer, the higher the income and the more the productivity and food security due to multiplication of productivity.


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