When I grow up, I would like to be a farm manager, a farmer or an agronomist, will be a common phrase among students just like when I grow I would like to be a lawyer or doctor. I have a vision, anytime i look at east where the sun rises, glare at the sunset ,a brighter Africa smiles at me as sun bids me goodbye. I see a healthy nation, a well fed continent where agricultural development will be more than other developments.

small scale market

Just like changing trends in media, where consumers have turned to be content producers, farmers have gamed up, through use of mobile phones, farmers now address their issues, carry out market research and sell their products. This is making agriculture a reliable source of income to small scale farmers. Experience is the best teacher, farmers learn from other farmers mistakes.Through use of social platforms like Facebook pages like Africa farmers club farmers now share knowledge and interact direct with agronomists in the groups who are not money oriented but passionate on agriculture.

Basil in green house

Despite wavering weather and climate change, Africa will live to feed its people through agriculture. Training’s and workshops have opened up which is a clear indication of a brighter agricultural sector. Drought resistance crops like katumani maize, cassava have been made available in arid areas, making the so thought unproductive areas more productive thus proper utilization of natural resources. Agriculture will attract amenities, open remote areas to development, building of firms and job employment. The future of agriculture will be brighter just as its evident with the food security agenda and the implementation of agricultural sector and research institutes.

farmer support team

Diversifying of agricultural activities, introduction of agriculture subject not only in secondary level but also in the university level is a show that we are heading to the right direction. The competency based curriculum should use this chance to introduce and re brand agriculture to student for long time agriculture has been perceived to be dirty job and for unlearned. An empty stomach leads to an empty mind and unproductive being. The country’s economy will be boosted by agriculture for there will be no more imports of agricultural products but they will be locally processed and produced in Kenya, thus increasing our GDP which relates to improved living standards.

By Patricia M Kombo

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