Farming is not really a smooth path as people perceive it to be. Just like any other business, there are fears, worries and uncertainty of the future. It’s like life. We are never certain about tomorrow. Catherine,A friend of mine once planted cabbages and the outcome was amazing. Everything was perfect only for her to receive a call from her farm manager on the harvest day that elephants invaded the farm the night before and swept it clean. Devastating it is but what do you do? Do you give up? Now this is where your passion is determined. Those who farm out of passion will see it as just a challenge and reason enough to work harder the next season. For the others, it will be the end of their farming experience. They will forever remain bitter and live with the statement that “farming was not meant for me.”

During one of the farmers trainings we as Africa Farmers Club conduct, a farmer stood boldly and gave reasons why they do not keep farm records. This was after one of the trainers inquired if they kept farm records. “We fear knowing if we made profits or losses. Personally, I think it will be a discouragement and might even make me give up farming, “said the farmer. For them, they prefer to sell as they harvest without waiting for the whole harvesting to end and have a clear number of sacks or the record of the total harvest.

Keeping and analyzing accurate production records are important and essential aspects of farm management. Farm records are important to farmers as it acts as a guidance when setting the selling price of your goods. Furthermore, they help the farmer plan and mitigate risks. Failure to keep records makes farmers sell their produce without knowing their average costs. Every business person has a goal to make profits. Every single coin spent in the farm should be recorded from day one including the money spent on food for the Laborers to post-harvest expenses. The total amount should now be used to set your selling price. With record keeping, farmers make informed decisions.

Farmers ought not be discouraged when they make losses but use it to determine where they went wrong and if there is need to change their, strategy then do so.

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