Bound by the fabric of sharing and caring, AFarmers represents a community where the growth of farmer knowledge is prioritised to ensure we are part of the wheels rolling towards food security, food safety and Zero hunger, in a practical and sustainable way.

The community provides a platform for members to share their stories, challenges, and network.

Through our Media team, we amplify the African farmers’ voice across the world

AFFAC approach and farmer support structures are tailored towards dissemination of practical agricultural information to farmers in all levels of production in a friendly and social environment that ensures the farmers attain knowledge and grow profits

What we do

Farm Trainings

Our on-site trainings are tailored to give farmers an opportunity to learn from experts as well as other farmers. The interactive trainings are ongoing across the country on our satellite demo farms as well as partner sites.

Market Linkage

Our wide network and partnership with various markets and potential markets, offers our registered members an opportunity to be accredited suppliers to these markets, our model aims to facilitate good sustainable relationships between the farmer and the markets.

Satellite Farmers

Have your farm managers trained in the basics on record keeping, farm management skills and general crop agronomy at our AFarmers Training and Resource Center.

Our Services

Agronomy Support

Market Advice & Linkage

Farm Trainings & Farm Visits




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Our Partners

Join the AFFAC community platforms and be part of the wheels of change in the farming journey!

Two different farmers also have different levels of skills and expertise when it comes to production. But better communication and sharing of stories and successes can also be learned.

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