Kibwezi Farmers Field Day

Empowering the farmer with information is key to achieving food security. In most cases, farmers lack pr The event organized by Africa farmers club (AFC), an online platform that brin oper knowledge and the few who have the information do not know how to apply it. The Kibwezi farmers field day that was held at […]

Why Seedlings To Seed ?

The availability of readily grown seedlings has come to the rescue of many” long-distance “farmers as it saves on them having to travel to the farms and check on the germination of the seeds. By long distance I mean farmers who do not reside at the farm for instance those living in the city but […]

Women In Agriculture

“When women are empowered and can claim their rights and success to land, leadership, opportunities and choices, economies grow, food security is enhanced and prospects are improved for current and future generations”, –Michelle Bachelet. As the world marks the International Women’s Day, we remember the woman as a farmer for empowering the woman in the […]